MTJZ series are Z-axis Linear Units with toothed belt drive and Ball rail system. Compact dimensions provide high load capacities, high speed, accuracy and repeatability in vertical movements. These Linear units can also be combined to various multi-axes linear systems and ensure an excellent price/performance ratio with short delivery time.
A High accurately extruded compact aluminium profile of hard anodized Al 6063 alloy with an integrated Ball zero-clearance rail system enables high load moments and optimum running to move large loads at high speed. Aluminum profile contains T-slots for actuator and proximty switch fixing. T-slot suitable for reed switch too.
Linear Units MTJZ use a pre-tensioned AT polyurethane tooth belt with steel tension cords and Polyamide fabric on teeth. This type of linear belt is used together with a Zero-backlash pully to achive an excellent precision, high load transmission with dimensional stability, low noise and low wear.
The polyurethane belt protects internal parts against dust and foreign parts.
Drive block with motor flange and central lubrication port enables maintenance and possibility to attached various accessories.
Linear Units MTJZ are available with already pre-designed adapters for attachment of motor and gear reducer in various directions.


  • Date : June 23, 2021
  • Tags : UNIMOTION